Elena Bădiulescu

Elena Bădiulescu

Dumitrița Răzlog

Dumitrița Răzlog

In her practice, Dumitrita Razlog proposes to the viewer a platform for contemplating the ridiculous complexities of contemporary society that rely more and more on digital media as a source of (self) representation.

Mischa Blanos & Longcut Records│Cristi Cons & Amphia Records

Mischa Blanos

Attuning between two music worlds, clubbing and concert halls, Mischa Blanos is set to instill his own view on the well sought-after alliance between classical and electronic music.

Loncut Records

 Longcut Records thrives on the transformative power of music. Discover concept albums that tell stories of journeys, struggles and raw emotions. Our true heartbeat resonates most powerfully with Modern Composition, Ambient, Techno, Jazz, and Experimental Sounds.

Cristi Cons

Raised in a family of musicians, electronic music became of interest to Cristi Cons during his high school years, slowly shifting from playing the cello to synthesizers and drum machines.

Since his early releases, Cristi focused on developing his approach to production and mixing, which led him to establish himself in the international music community as a constant figure.

He is one of the founders of Amphia, a record label that aims to exhibit multiple facets of electronic music since 2011, having a sustainable catalog and reassuring for more.

1⁄2 of SIT (Sideways Invisibility Theory) and 1/3 of Amorf band – a genre- binding project, together with Vlad Caia and Mischa Blanos, has successfully materialized several releases in these formulas on Amphia, Understand and Sushitech, becoming also renowned for their notable live and dj sets worldwide.

His style is not defined by standard patterns and he does not take for granted the success that has arisen or his attainments, but is constantly focused on improving his knowledge.

Being keen on the process, not only on the (final) purpose is what motivates Cristi.


Point Studio

Point Studio

Michele Bressan│Dani Ghercă│Nicu Ilfoveanu│Alexandru Paul

Michele Bressan

His work focuses on documenting aspects of the romanian post-communist reality, using the photographic medium as a means of artistic research. By the practice of portraying his surroundings through series having the typology of a subjective journal, or by a more distant approach, he offers a comment, and in the same time the possibility to relate to a scene, witnessing the particularities and mechanisms of a society in a slow transition process.

Dani Ghercă

Dani Gherca’s work reflects on the current transition to a new phase of human consciousness and the impact of technology on our sense of self, our relationship with others, and our environment.

Nicu Ilfoveanu

Active in the field of photography, film and photo-books, Nicu Ilfoveanu’s works generated a new way of looking at photography in Romania. He graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, where he is currently teaching. His visual discourse is characterised by an unexpected and unpredictable interplay between personal and documentary, between sublime and trivial, between evidence and hidden‑subjects.

Alexandru Paul

Alexandru Paul works on the relationship between subject and representation, focusing on the paradoxes that appear in this interaction.

Expressing himself in different mediums such as photography, video, installation, animation and drawing, he tries to find methods that avoid the waste of means, preferring small formats and ephemeral and recyclable installations.

Vlad Albu

Vlad Albu

He often combines photography and found materials with designed structures and objects. The works are mainly focused on architecture and human relationship with built, natural and imagined spaces

Calciu Space

Calciu Space

Calciu Space emerged from the wish to explore new and young artists who base their practice on long-term research. We envision the space as a platform for research development and a place to understand the process behind the usually cryptic works. Calciu Space has the mission to help the artists’ projects grow and always have a safe space to exhibit them freely.

Clara Caradimu│Teodor Georgescu

Clara Caradimu

 Clara Victoria Caradimu (b. 2001) works with drawing, painting and video, focusing on the transformative power of art during its creation. She explores self identity in contemporary society through a playful artistic approach, delving into the complexities of modern existence.

Teodor Georgescu

Teodor Georgescu works with photography, video and installation. He is driven by the desire of capturing the unfiltered essence of life, transforming ephemeral moments into enduring visual narratives. His projects focus on the world’s raw and unscripted events, the interplay between people and their environments.

Roxana Morar│Anca Țintea

Roxana Morar

While following a site-specific approach, Roxana Morar (b. 1997) focuses on topics like the circulation of the matter, system boundaries, transfer of information & human interaction in diverse contexts. Her projects interlace with the area of anthropology & other social studies. She aims to underline the relationship between the audience, the artist and the context. Currently, her art is focused on experimenting and combining artistic mediums such as photography, sound, text, video, performance, sculpture and graphics.

(in progrss)

Anca Țintea

In her work, she follows traces left by human interaction with landscape, be it natural or industrial. Spatiality and architecture serve as main points of interest, how they structure and interact with social contexts. Her practice focuses on photography, printing and installation, aiming to create a dichotomy between the technical visual apparatus and its subject, often absent or invisible.

Studio 7/23 - Teodora Gavrilă│Claudiu Lazăr│Luciana Zeca

Teodora Gavrilă

b. 1992 Bucuresti, Romania

Multidisciplinary artist, Teodora’s artistic approach is a testament to her ability to translate the intangible into the tangible, giving form and substance to daily stories that surround her where the lines become a mirror, reflecting the artist’s inner landscape and playing with the entire spectrum of human experience.

Claudiu Lazăr

b. 1997, Suceava, Romania

Primarily painter, but also working with installation and sound, Claudiu Lazar composes his work as if it were an open series, encompassing various provisional subassemblies populated by figures that serve as as many probes into the self-portrait, examined through the lens of anxiety and undecided solitude.

Luciana Zeca

b.1993 Slobozia, Romania 

Landscape Architect and Multidisciplinary artist, Her artistic manner perpetually navigates the delicate balance between the conscious and the subconscious, manifesting the interplay of thoughts in the hidden recesses of her psyche.

Andrei Arion

Andrei Arion

Switch Lab

Switch Lab

Switch Lab is a project-based space founded in 2017 by Romanian visual artist Dani Ghercă. SwitchLab actively promotes diverse forms of visual practices, spanning photography, video, installations, and other forms of visual representations of our time. 

SwitchLab primarily produces its own exhibitions, workshops, and artist talks with a focus on young and emerging visual artists.

Additionally, our team collaborates with public and private contemporary art institutions to organize and curate exhibitions, employing our expertise in production and exhibition design.

Team: Dani Ghercă | Nicu Ilfoveanu | Michele Bressan | Alexandru Paul

Galeria Posibilă

Galeria Posibilă

Founded in March 2003, in a house with a garden in old Bucharest, a detail that would mark its identity, was born of a desire to create a fair, ethical and sustainable place of work and interaction between artists, the public and collectors, both public or private. Closely involved in the art industry, the gallery has initiated and participated in numerous collaborative projects, and has supported and where necessary criticized public institutions during moments of change, contributing to the creation of an equitable and transparent environment for all cultural workers. Posibilă has now extended its borders with a new space at Scînteia which will occasionally be open for the public.

Albert Kaan

Albert Kaan

Born in Sinaia in 1993, Albert Kaan is a conceptual and land artist who lives and works between Bucharest and Gulia. His discourse is modelled by his urban and rural experiences. He works with the context he chooses both within them and towards expanding their meaning. Since 2015 he started working with light elements, in different mediums of expression, ranging from sculpture to stage design.

Andrei Predescu

Andrei Predescu

Andrei Predescu (b.1998) – is a visual artist based in Bucharest. His practice is centered around the conceptual landscape associated with post-internet culture and consists of object and video based installations which act as critical vectors of digital content.