an advocate for Romanian contemporary art

Run by a group of artists and designed to foster the sustainable growth and development of the art scene in Romania.

Accommodating a mixed-use space within a collaborative environment, we enable interaction between artists and the public. We stand for diversity, nurturing social dialogues with cultural networking by using a diverse array of events spanning visual arts to music.

ATELIERELE SCÂNTEIA promotes dynamic social exchanges through cultural initiatives and serves as an enterprise bridging Romania’s art scene with the international community.

Co-financed by:


Dani Ghercă

Executive Director

I serve as the Atelierele Scânteia’s official representative and manage its operations in alignment with our mission and objectives.

Michele Bressan

Artistic Director

As the Artistic Director,  I am responsible for guiding the curatorial program and working closely with artists, curators, and other art professionals.

Dumitrița Răzlog​

Communications Manager

I oversee Atelierele Scânteia’s communication strategy, cultivate media partnerships, and act as the point of contact between our organization and the public.

Alexandru Paul

Head of Production

In my role as the Head of Production, I manage the planning and coordination of logistics to ensure the successful realization of our organization’s events

Roxana Morar

Head of Administration

As the Head of Administration, I am in charge of managing administrative and financial affairs within the organization. Additionally, I am actively involved in enhancing the organization’s processes and leading fundraising initiatives.

Vlad Albu

Art Director

I work on developing the visual aspects, ensuring consistency in both design and communication.